How to open a file with .PRN extension?

File Type : Calcomp Raster Bitmap
Compatible with (Win10, Win8, Win7, Vista and WinXP)

You'll need a new app to open this .PRN file

Searching for the right program to open .PRN files?

"You'll need a new app to open this file" is probably the most common error faced by millions of Windows users every day. This is either because the program required to open a file is not available on your system or there may be other issues.

We recommend that you run a free scan to check for missing drivers.


What is .PRN file extension?

File created by choosing "Print to File" within the Print dialog box; contains text and other content to be printed as well as instructions for the printer, such as number of pages to print and what printer tray to use; similar to a PostScript (.PS) file. PRN files may be printed in Mac OS X by dragging the file to the desktop printer icon. In Windows, they can be printed by right-clicking the file and selecting "Microsoft Office Document Imaging" (only some versions of Microsoft Office Document Imaging support PRN files). You may also open them via the Windows command line. To do this, select "Run" from the Start Menu, type "cmd," and perform the following steps: If the printer is connected via USB, type: "COPY /B [filename.prn] \\[Computer Name]\[Shared Printer Name]" If the printer is connected via an older parallel port connection, type: "COPY /B [filename.prn] LPT1:" NOTE: Do not include the [brackets] when typing the actual command.
You can see a list of software programs here on easyfileopener.org that can open this file type so that you don’t need to search for it on the web. You can then open your file with this extension using a software listed below.

Software that can be used to open PRNfiles:

  • ACD Systems Canvas 15
  • AllWeb FastPrint
  • Microsoft Windows Command Prompt
  • Free Raw Print (FRP)
  • Compatible printer driver that can interpret PRN files
  • Drag to Desktop Printer icon
  • Compatible printer driver that can interpret PRN files